January 21, 2020

| Spring Teaser |

The holidays have passed, the pretty decorations have all been packed away, and it's down right COLD!As we sip our hot coffee and watch this gorgeous wedding film to warm our wintry souls, we are reminded that SPRING really is only a couple months away! Oh how we love spring, the budding orchard... the fresh country air... and the warm sunshine! Here are 4 reasons why we revel in spring weddings.

  1. The bouquet, of course! SO many beautiful flowers are full and in season.
  2. A rebirth is all around. There is no better time for your own new beginning than the season of sprouting blossoms... incredibly meaningful.
  3. Pretty palettes. Fresh colors wake us up from our winter slumber.
  4. Comfortable temps. Not too hot, but not too cold! ::hint hint:: The kind of temperatures that your guests will thank you for if you're planning an outdoor ceremony.


November 22, 2019

The (Pavilion) Fire is Burning for YOU!

What a cozy night - A chill in the air and the warmth of wrapping up in our favorite flannel... nothing sounds better than sitting fireside with a hot cocoa!... Oh, and speaking of fireside, since the weather has turned brisk, we can not stop thinking about The Pavilion's fireplace. It is a built-in decorative piece that is great for event design. The massive, 40' stone, masonry fireplace is just right for enhancing any design style that we positively consider a statement piece!We thought we'd share a few of our favorite fireplace designs for stirring your creative minds. Check them out!Mirrors. Not only does a piece like this fill the space, but once the sun sets, the reflection from The Pavilion's chandeliers shines into the mirror and casts an amazing glow - creating a romantic and cozy ambiance.


Plush Floral. We can not get enough of this classic look. Cover the mantle in wild greenery and soft white blooms, and maybe even add eucalyptus leaves for a strong woody and sweet scent that your guests will love!


Candles Galore. Nothing says romance more than a dim glow of candle light. Create an ambiance of soft lighting and loads of candles.

Mismatch. Fill up the mantle space with lanterns, candles, and hi-lo floral arrangements to create a whimsical, fun backdrop.


Name in Lights. If there's one touch that wows guests, it's a brightly lit monogram projection. Wedding guests are always in awe when they walk into the room and see the bride and grooms name shining in light!

An oversized wreath. an eye-catching element that will add heaps of beauty to your wedding photos. Whether bursting with blooms or just simple greenery, these can truly be made into works of art!

Letters. The perfect blend of urban and rustic-chic. Use over-sized metal lettering to spell out... well, whatever you'd like!


Rustic North Woods. A statement elk mount paired with lush greenery and up lighting is beautiful for the holidays, or any wintry style celebration.

So there you have it, those are some of our favorites! Whatever your style, be sure to incorporate The Pavilion's fireplace into your design. Create a scheme that stands out, as this is the first thing that your guests will see when they enter the room. Make it the statement piece that your guests will stare at in awe!And, don't forget... we'd love to offer our input. Ask us for suggestions or ideas any time! (815) 629.2220

October 21, 2019

A Midwest Marvel

Couples travel from all over to host their weddings here in the historic and quaint town of Rockton, IL - some traveling an upwards of two hours to host their magical days with The Pavilion and Copperstone Inn.So why do these couple's fall completely head over heels in love with Orchard Ridge Farms? Well, here's the answer...

One | A Timeless Venue, exclusively set upon 130 acres. The city's hustle and bustle can surely be fun and exciting!... but your wedding day should be full of relaxation and tranquility as you promise yourselves to one another.From the charming ceremony held beneath the shady oak trees, to the grand entrance guests walk as they enter The Pavilion's stately brick hallway, to the countryside view they experience throughout the evening, we ensure that each guest feels as though they are on a get-a-way destination: a Midwest destination.Two | Modern, Farm Fresh Catering. Henrici's chef's are devoted to creating a customizable menu, unique to each individual's taste and style. As founder Philip Henrici once said, "We cater to your every desire and provide the exceptional."Three | A Committed Team. No detail is overlooked and we mean that. Our small team of dedicated event professionals are on site from the moment you arrive until you are wished well on your way. As we work together during the planning for months, sometimes years with our couples, it is very rewarding to be present on their wedding day so we can ensure that all details are executed seamlessly. We are truly passionate about what we do.Four | The Award winning, Copperstone Inn. Copperstone Inn creates a relaxing experience for your wedding weekend. Our team is there there to deliver a stay so enjoyable that you will not want to leave!So there it is - four simple reasons you could not possibly visit Orchard Ridge Farms without falling head over heels. Don't believe us?... Come see for yourself. Connect with our Wedding Team to schedule a tour of The Pavilion and Copperstone Inn. (815) 629.2220

September 21, 2019

5 TIPS to Devise the Design

Let us guess... He popped the question, you said YES, and then you thought that saying "yes" from that point forward was going to be easy peasy? ...but let us guess again, now you're finding yourself questioning what your wedding is even going to look like?Listen. We get it. There are a Godzillion different blogs and sites for searching "Wedding Ideas", "Wedding Trends", "Trendy Color Palettes", etc. If you want to continue overwhelming yourself, Google away! If you want to simplify your life, read on and take note of these 5 (VERY) simple ways to devise your wedding design.{1} Think about YOU. Sit down together and think of THREE things that make you two a great pair. Try to incorporate these three things into your design... somehow, someway!For example, the couple below are marathon runners and included their love for running into introductions! It was certainly a statement detail.

{2} LOOK around your home. Simply look around the house. What colors and designs are you drawn to? Use this as a starting point for choosing your wedding hues! The colors and decor that inspire your home décor are certainly ones that you know you can live with for a long time (and duh, it's an extra perk that leftover wedding decor, such as lanterns, will get used long after your big day).{3} OK, here's where you can GOOGLE. NOW that you know what type of style you're leaning towards, you can hit the search button, Google or Pinterest!TIP: Limit the number of "Pins" or "idea boards". The elements listed below are things you will NEED for the wedding design/ plans, so try your hardest to Pin only TWO inspos per each element.

Paper Elements (Save The Dates, Invitations, Menus, Signs, etc.)

Bridal Party Floral

Ceremony Decor

Cocktail Hour Elements

Escort Card/ Seating Display


Reception Floral

Table Numbers

Cake/ Cake Table

Head Table




{4} Describe to DEVISE. Sounds odd, but give your wedding a title - For example, “Urban Farm - Pink and White Wedding” or “Romantically Gold Winter Wedding". Giving a title to your big day will not only help bring you back to your vision when things start to get off track, but it will also be helpful to vendors whom are creating your vision, such as the Florist, Baker, or DJ!{5} EXECUTE! The key to executing your wedding 100% successfully is to work with a great team of wedding professionals who can make your wedding design a reality. Always remember to keep things organized - make lists, label things, and keep your details together. Be sure to communicate the design and detail elements of your wedding to whoever is helping you execute your big day.


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