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C. Tyson Photography

Weddings are just amazing and my greatest focus is to tell the story of not only just your wedding but the story of who are you together. My photography is not for every bride and groom out there and I completely embrace that. If you want someone to show up, shoot your wedding and give your photographs, I am not for you. I want my photographs to tell a story. Your story.


EllAdele Photography

I want to be your best friend and the person you can turn to on your wedding day. So click the “contact me” button so we can talk about how you get to marry the person you've waited for all of your life and how I can capture your favorite day!


B. Adams Photography

Brian's approach is detailed yet fluid, capturing your day as it unfolds.   Anticipating where the moments are going to happen before they occur.  Taking the time to photograph the details you painstakingly decided on.  As well as the hugs, smiles, laughs and tears that organically occur throughout your wedding day.  But he also takes a little time and make it even more just about you.  Even with just a few minutes we capture that amazing moment of just the two of you that will be in your hearts forever. 


White Shutter Photography

Shooting weddings is what we love to do. We get to spend the day together and with our clients during some of their happiest moments. At the end of the day we feel like part of your family because our clients become our friends. Don't be surprised if you find us tearing up during the toasts. We capture the subtle and unscripted moments of your day, telling your story in pictures for you to hold onto for the rest of your lives. We can't wait to be a part of it all.